Nightshades Border Collies

OXFORD - $350.    Black & white boy.       7 months old.  BD: March 1, 2018.      AKC   
Oxford is a people pup. He loves attention and likes to do things with someone. He likes to play and have a good time. Oxford is leash trained and likes to go on walks. He would also make a great jogging companion.

MISS MISCHIEF - $350.    Chocolate sable girl.        1 year old. BD: April 15, 2017

Miss Mischief likes people and likes attention.  She likes to do things with people.  Pet or sport home, please.

YODA - $350.  Lilac boy.        8 years old.      AKC registered.
Yoda has a delightful sweet personality with eyes that say "let's play". He loves to play soccer and will fetch about anything we throw or kick.  His favorite place is to be with someone either being played with or petted.  Yoda is always happy and makes you happy to just be around him. He has a very easy-going disposition.   He would love to be someone's walking companion and best buddy. 

ARWYEN - $350   Black & white girl.​     2 years old.  BD: November 12, 2015

Arwyen is a very sweet, easy-going girl.  She likes to be petted and made over but is a bit shy with new people.  
Pet home only, please.  Arwyen may be too shy to be a sport dog.

We have females and a male that are now or will be retiring shortly.  If you are looking for a friend that is past the puppy stage, they will be looking for companion homes to live out the rest of their puppy free days.  All of my girls walk on leashes (although around here they just follow). They are used to using a dog door and are crate trained!    Pet Homes Only, please.

SOLA - $350.  Sable merle girl.    3 years old.   BD:  Nov 26, 2014    

​Sola is an exceptionally sweet girl and loves people.  She was born and raised here and is shy with other people until she gets to know them. 

ASTRA - $300.  Lilac girl.         6 years old.   BD: December 26, 2012.   

Astra is a gorgeous lilac from scottish working lines. She is a great people dog and is amazing with puppies. She really isn't a fan of other girl dogs, but she does get along ok with submissive boys. Best in a one dog household with no cats to herd. She loves to do things with people and would make an excellent companion.

MACIE - $450.                      1 year old.  BD: March 13, 2017

We are downsizing and re-homing some of our dogs.  They all are great companions and like to be with people.  Pet or sport homes only, please. 

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SPI - $350.       7 years old.  BD:  March 13, 2011.    
Spi loves people and to do things with them.  She likes to play fetch with a ball.  She has been a wonderful companion to us, especially my son.  Spi is crate and house trained to a dog door.

DIXIE - $350.   Chocolate sable merle girl.   4 years old.    BD: January 26, 2014                 

PHOEBE - $300   Brindle girl.​​       6 years old.   BD: October 7, 2012

Phoebe is very sweet and loving.  She loves being in the house chilling with someone.  She is small and petite so easy to take places and doesn't take up very much space on the couch when watching TV with someone. 

EROS- $350.  Sable boy.        1 year old.  BD:  December 6, 2016.   

Eros is a people dog. He likes to be with people doing things with them. He would be a great jogging or hiking companion and make a super buddy for someone with an active lifestyle.  He likes to get up and go and would love someone to share his enthusiasm.  He would not only make a nice active companion for someone but would enjoy the activity of a sport home, also.