Nightshades Border Collies


Kickin Up Indigo Mist "Kirby"  - $350.  AKC Blue.   March 10, 2013.    

Kirby is a friendly, outgoing dog.  She likes to take walks and do things with her people.  

FLYNN  - $350.  AKC Chocolate boy.   BD:  March 1, 2018    

Flynn loves to play.  He would make a good partner for someone who wants to play fetch, frisbee, or other active things.  He loves people and he loves life.  He has a special "let's go" twinkle in his eye.  He will make an excellent active companion for someone.

Ignite the Sky "Spi" - $350.  AKC Black & white.      BD:   March 15, 2011.  

Kirby is a friendly, outgoing dog.  She loves an active lifestyle.  She loves to play fetch.  She will bring back a ball about as far as you can throw it.  She would love to go on hikes, jogging, or walking with someone, and would especially like someone who would play fetch with her.

DRAMA'S LITTLE SUPERNOVA - "Belle" - $350.   Blue girl      

BD:  June 20, 2016    AKC registered.  Pet or sport home please.  

​​Daughter of Chill Factor “Abby” and CRL SuperNova
Belle is a chill dog with a sweet, easy-going personality.  Belle is 

crate trained and house trained to a dog door.

Coyote Moon "Vita" - $350.  AKC Sable      BD:  May 31, 2012

Vita is a very sweet girl.  She loves people.  She enjoys walks and doing things with her people. 

NSR DREAM CATCHER "Kiva"  - $350.   Blue merle girl.       
BD:  March 26, 2014.    AKC registered. ​ Pet home please.
Kiva is a sweet girl.  She likes to go on walks and hang out.  She is easy-going and enjoys the more calm side of life.  Kiva

is crate trained and house trained to a dog door.

Our daughter is also looking for companion homes for some of her dogs.  If you are interested in any of her dogs, please text her at 316-619-2887 of email us at and we will forward the message to her.

YODA - Free to the right home for him.  Lilac boy.        BD:  May 6, 2010.     AKC registered.  Neutered
Yoda has a delightful sweet personality with eyes that say "let's play". He loves to play soccer and will fetch about anything we throw or kick.  His favorite place is to be with someone either being played with or petted.  Yoda is always happy and makes you happy to just be around him. He has a very easy-going disposition.   He would love to be someone's walking companion and best buddy.