Nightshades Border Collies

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Nightshades Border Collies

We have new puppies!!!! 

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We have some super puppies

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Nightshades Pups & Dogs

Nightshades Border Collies

Dennis & Merry Lou Gumm

1482 51st Road, Douglass, KS  67039



Whether you are looking for a best buddy and companion to do things with or for a dog to compete in agility, flyball, and other sports with, we think one of our puppies could be that dog for you.

Some of our puppies are the traditional black and white, but we also have many other colors, too.  We also have solid color puppies in chocolate, lilac, gold, blue, shaded sable, and brindle AND merle puppies that are blue, slate, chocolate, lilac, and sable. 

Most of the Nightshades puppies are small to medium in size weighing between 25 and 35 pounds and standing 16" to 18" at the shoulder.  For those wanting larger dogs, we have a few that are around 20 inches weighing about 45 pounds. 

Come in and look around.   


If you find a puppy that you think could be that perfect companion for you, let us know.  We are always happy to answer questions.