Rockin Soul Screamer "Banshee"                          Grace & Chief              Dock Diving

Grace is a daughter of Viva & Bandit.  This line of dogs has produced puppies that have been exceptional at agility, flyball, and dock diving.

Banshee is showing herself to be both talented and versatile.  She has not only earned the title of Best of Breed, but also has numerous ribbons in Dock Diving.  Boy, can this girl fly.

Brodie                          Sassy & Flash                     Store Greeter at Tad's Locker Room, Wichita, KS
Brodie is quite famous in Wichita, Kansas.  He is the official store greeter at Tad's Locker Room, a store full of sports merchandise.  Brodie entertains youngsters while their parents shop and keeps watch over the store.  And when Tad and Brodie go on vacation, they go exciting places and have great fun together.

Radar a/k/a Bo                                        Dusty &  Asher                   Agility

 Bo had his first agility trial in March, 2016. He did excellent and is showing a ton of promise at such a young age. He won his AKC Novice JWW (jumpers) class. We can't wait to see what his future in agility will be.  Update:  June 2016. I just wanted to give you another update on Bo aka Radar.  This past weekend Bo earned his First two titles in agility. He now has his Novice Standard (NA) and Novice Jumpers (NAJ) titles. He got these titles only after showing at three trials. I am so happy with how he runs and I get compliments on his good looks and sweet nature all the time. :)

Tris                                  Sapphire & Smoke                Flyball

 Sapphire is a full sister to Phenomenon from our Misty & Bandit line of dogs who have been extraordinary at flyball, agiity, and dock diving. 

I Just thought I'd let you know Tris is settling in really well! She's a whirlwind of a puppy and is everything I hoped for!!!    Update:  In March, 2016, Tris debuted in her first Flyball tournament and received her first two titles! Tris loves Flyball! She still has a ways to go before she is 100% able to compete full time but she's well on the way.   Update: In  June 2016 at the age of 18 months old, Tris ran several 4.0's and had a start of 0.002 which is awesome 
Rebecca and Tris                   Super job, Tris!!!

Crime                          Skye & Bandit                 Flyball

Crime found his nitche in flyball. He runs with the Stampede Flyball team and loves it.  We are told that he doing quite well.

Cora a/k/a Kristen               Pips & Yoda         Agility
Pips is a granddaughter of Viva & Bandit whose sons and daughters have excelled at agility, flyball, and dock diving.

I've been so pleased with everything about this little girl :) She has stamina and power when needed but has the perfect "off" switch for just curling up at your feet! She's going to be debuting in her first competitive agility trial in August!  I'm so excited! She's done so great with her training!    Rachael

Lily                                 Dusty & Chief                      Agility
Just wanted to send an update and a few pictures of Lily.  She is turning out to be an absolutely lovely little dog!  I couldn't be happier with her!  She is very petite at 17.5", and that will work to our advantage when the height changes go through for USDAA.   We are training in Agility, and I have begun competing with her.  She is coming along very nicely, and I think that she will be a wonderful Agility competitor.  I have gotten many complements on her.  These pictures are from a Trial on October 19.

Nightshades Border Collies

Sprig of Lilacs & Just Snap to It             Indy & Yoda           Obedience & Rally
At only 2 years old, Sprig and Snap are showing their stuff.  At the Minnesota State Dog Show,

they were Champion in Obedience and Rally.  Congratulations to the dogs and their young handler.

‚ÄčPhenomenon a/k/a "Thunder"                                Misty & Bandit                          Agility

Thunder is showing himself to be truly what his owner named him.. a Phenomenon.  He began competing in 2013 and from his first competition has shown himself to be a champion. In April, in only his 4th competition, Thunder won the USDAA North Central 16" Performance Speed Jumping Championship. At the 2013 USDAA Cynosport World Games in October 2013 Thunder was 3rd overall in the Versatility Pairs and  FIRST individually in the Team Jumpers class.  Thunder continues his winning ways.  In April 2016 at the Mid Atlantic USDAA Regionals, Thunder was 1st in Speed Jumping, 1st in Local Steeplechase, 1st in Grand Prix, and 1st in Performance Team.  Thunder is continuing to show himself to be a champion.