Brodie              Sassy & Freeze

Brodie will be a year old soon and we love him.. he now greets customers everyday and even small children love him. My customers come in just to see Brodie.  He goes to work everyday. He's the smartest dog I have ever known. Here is a picture with him laying down with the little boy. It is priceless. Thank you again.    Check out our "In the News" page for more pictures of Brodie and his adventures.    Tad & Paula

Oakley           Sassy & Flash

Everybody in the family and outside of the family adores her. She's great will other dogs and her most favorite thing in the world it playing Frisbee!  We walk twice a day, play all day, and snuggle! I swear sometimes she thinks she's human.  She is probably the best dog this family had every had. 

Sunny a/k/a Yukon            

​                                                Azure & Yoda

I am sure enjoying this sweet baby!  He is so much fun and he has been lovingly accepted into my family of dogs.  He is getting so cute.  His favorite "snack" is green beans and plain yogurt.   Thanks again for this wonderful addition to my family.   Bonita    Update, July 29, 2016:   Thought you would like to see this handsome boy.  He is almost a year old. We just started agility 2 weeks ago and he is not afraid of anything.  He is also into flyball.  We aren't doing any box work just running down the lane to his mom.  He really likes that.  I sure do love him.  He is everything to me.

Christmas "Bow"                   Indy & Yoda

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of how Bow has grown. He is a great dog and is a perfect fit for our family.  His herding skills get worked everyday corralling our four young kids!  Bow  is amazingly calm and perfect with the kids.  He has a perfect disposition for our family.   And based on mine and my dad (who has had 4 Border Collies) he is the smartest dog we have seen.  The best story I have to back up my claim is when the invisible fence man came to "train" Bow and me on how to use the fence.  The man had been doing this for about 20 years and said the training typically took and hour.  After 10 minutes with Bow he said he was done training and that he had never seen a dog learn so quickly.  He learned the entire process with the sound alarms.  If you ever need a reference write up from a customers please let me know and I will be happy to do it. 

Nightshades Border Collies

Percival  "Percy"        Sassy & Flash

Percy runs a couple miles with me several times a week and we've been practicing some agility courses. He's getting along well with our cats and is a popular boy at the dog park.  He's so smart and well behaved even at his young age.  Such a fantastic dog. We can't thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family.  

Amora         Pips & Yoda

She's settling in beautifully around here and already loves our Indigo. Can't wait to go to the park for adventure!   Chelsey 

Rockin Soul Screamer "Banshee"   a/k/a  Ida         Grace & Chief
Banshee is doing beautifully; everyone loves her. She has the perfect temperment and extreme self control. I enrolled her into the AKC STAR Puppy Program and she graduated with flying colors. At 10 weeks I could put her in a sit/down stay and walk 10+ feet away. I have also been teaching her conformation and she will enter her first show at the end of next month. Her favorite pasttime is swimming. She leaps like a Gazelle from anywhere and swims laps. She also jet skiis with me when we spend the day at the lake. Thank you for the opportunity to have her. She is absolutely perfect.    Paige          

Check out our "In the News" page for more pictures of Banshee and her accomplishments.       

Dotty a/k/a  B            Viva  &  Bandit       
Dotty is almost 2 and a half years old now.  She is the greatest dog of all time. Not a day goes by, that I don't thank my lucky stars to have her in my life. They don't make them any sweeter than her. Thank you so much for  everything. She is the most spoiled border collie in the world.  Anybody who has meet B  falls in love with her. I am so darn lucky to have her in my life.  I can't say it enough. There are no bad days when you have a border collie in your life.      Osvaldo 

Gloria            Sassy  & Levi

Thank you for our wonderful our puppy Gloria is. (we call her Nami now).  Everyone loves her. She is sweet, beautiful, and intelligent. We couldn't have hoped for a better dog. We just finished puppy training and are now enrolling Nami in intermediate training. She is hands-down the smartest dog in her class. She is gentle with people, friendly with other dogs, and has brought a lotof joy to our family. I thank you and your daughters for all the hard work and attention to your dogs.          Barb 

​​Willa Storm           Ginger  & Yoda

Willa Storm is doing SO well!  She loves her family (even the kitties!!!) and eats, drinks, plays, and sleeps well.  I'm amazed at how fast a learner she is.  I'm willing to bet she will be completely house trained by the end of the week.  She's as sharp as a tack.  :)  We are all in love with her.   Willa is so happy.  Today she's been busy playing with Lily (my 2 year old).  Willa is so interested in everything Lily does.  They share a common interest - toys!!      Laura

Lake              Grace  &  Chief 
Here is Lake having a wonderful time in Canada.  Just sitting here having breakfast and thought of all the joy she brings into our life and wanted to thank you for her.  She is our baby.   Tim

Merlen             Dusty  &  Freeze
"Merlen is a celebrity!"   At only 4 months old, Merlen won Best of Show Puppy at the Wilson County Fair.  Great job Merlen!!! 

Zoe            Sapphire & Smoke

We have thoroughly enjoyed little miss Zoe this week. She is sooo sweet!  Thank you!

Keta a/k/a Nena                     Ellie & Smoke

I cannot express how much our family adores this puppy- it's always a gamble buying a dog sight unseen, but not only is she even cuter than we expected, but her personality is beyond amazing!  We could not have picked a better puppy if we had gone and done it in person.  She has fit seamlessly into our family.  Not one night has she whined, she sleeps right by me, and she is just so sweet.  I just wanted to let you guys know how much we love this little girl-  she was made for our family:)

Hamish             Indy & Yoda
Hamish's 1st Birthday.  Catered by Three Dog Bakery, the menu included Turkey Pizza and a Heart Shaped Cake.  A guy after my own heart, Hamish ate the dessert (in particular the icing) first.  He loved his squeeky snake -- he picked it out himself.      Carolyn

Spot a/k/a Bolt      Misty x Bandit
My kids and I all love him so.    


Lilah        Sage & Yoda

She is very loved!   Leisa

Shane  a/k/a Sunny                

                                         Viva  & Bandit

Shane loves to play and is doing great. Thank you for everything you did to make it so easy for us and thanks for him. We love him a lot. He knows sit, down, and come (most of the time).  Update:  Shane has his therapy certificate. I plan on doing volunteer work with him. He wil be awesome.    Sue

Gabby a/k/a Kanai           Azure & Yoda

Just thought I'd let you know this pup has stolen our hearts, Thank you for putting her in our life. Update:  Just a note to say Kanai (Gabby) is doing great, 36lbs of energy, and love.  Such a good fit with our other girl and all 8 grandkids. 

Cheech          Sapphire & Asher

Its not just me... he charms everyone he meets -- and they comment on his good looks!   I’m so in love with him…His training as a performance dog is going extremely well. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy. 

Remy "Remington Steele"          ​                                      Indy  & Yoda

Remy is doing very well, goes on nursing home visits.  We love him very much!  He has such a sweet personality! (And a tremendous nose - spends our walks with his nose to the ground!)  Thank you so much for sending him so far to join our family!

Abby          Viva  &  Bandit
Abby follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, and eats dinner with me. She continues to be the smartest dog I've ever had. She's an amazing listener. She looks into my eyes when I'm talking to her and understands a ridiculous amount  of English. We actually have to spell things out ALL the time. She knows sit, shake, lay, roll over, and play dead, high-five. She knows all her different toys by name. If I tell her to get her "sheepie" or her "dino", she'll go and get the right one. I take her to off-leash dog parks almost every day. It's amazing to see her instinct.          Mikayla

Opie a/k/a Elim      

                       Indy & Yoda

Opie and his pal Mr. Magoo enjoying North Dakota

Reacher a/k/a Tacca            

                                        Grace & Yoda

We got our beautiful baby Reacher from you guys last year in March. He is the love of our lives and a constant joy to us.     Kathy 

Crime           Skye  &  Bandit
Crime is such an awesome dog. I love his personality. We are taking his training slowly. He has a lot of speed; we want to make it perfect before he goes to the racing lanes. I want to thank you again for this AWESOME DOG!!!!!!!  (March 2009) -- Hips tested OFA Excellent--    Update. Crime is all grown up and training has gone great. He is ready for Flyball. We are so excited for him. He will be in his first Tournament on September 13 and 14 running with a team.   Tammy           Check out our "In the News" page for pictures of Crime and his accomplishments.