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Living on 40 acres, we have plenty of space for our dogs to just be dogs.  They live in big yards -- some as large as 5000 square feet.  All the yards have shade from trees in them and an 8 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft high house with a floor and cubbies to get into.  There is plenty of grass for the dogs to lie in and dirt to dig in and plenty of space for them to run and play.


The NSR Border Collies' puppies are family raised and kept inside until they are old enough to venture outside. The puppies are great for our grandchildren and our grandchildren are great for the puppies.  Our grandchildren have learned to be kind and gentle to puppies and other animals, and the puppies grow up being loved and played with by both children and adults.  We have puppies not only in traditional black/white and tri but also blue merle, shaded sable, sable merle, lilac, lilac merle, blue, slate blue merle, chocolate, chocolate merle, chocolate sable, and brindle.  All the dogs are AKC registered.  We are located in the country southeast of Wichita, Kansas, on 40 acres of beautiful pastureland that give our border collies lots of room to roam. We retired a few years ago and decided that we would like to share our retired lives with our border collies.  Raising puppies seemed like the natural thing to do.  We strive for our puppies to number one be wonderful pets.  Some of our puppies are lower drive and are great prospects for obedience, alert dogs, therapy dogs, and lightly active endeavors.  Some of our puppies have a little more pizzaz and are excellent prospects for agility, flyball, and other active sports.  Check out our "In the News" page to see videos and pictures of some of our puppies.  They are perfect examples of dogs that are great companions and also champions.​

Our daughter began raising border collies several years ago with two border collies -- Rocking G Bandit and Borderzone Viva. The personality, intelligence, beauty, and athleticism of that cross has proven itself over and over again. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate that she was able to find such a special pair of border collies in Bandit and Viva... they seem to be almost human sometimes.  Because of the special qualities that Bandit and Viva possess, the Nightshades family of border collies specializes in intelligent, athletic, and loving dogs.  Over the years, we have added other bloodlines that possess similar traits.  We strive for quality, happy, healthy, and well-socialized puppies.  They are amazing companions that love to play and be with their people.  With their intelligence, athleticism, and speed, Nightshades pups also excel at active sports like flyball, agility, disc dog, and dock diving.  Their personalities make them outstanding therapy and alert dogs, as well.  Most of the our border collie puppies are small to medium in size weighing between 25 and 35 pounds and standing 16" to 18" at the shoulder.  For those wanting larger dogs, we have a few that are a little larger. 

The NSR Border Collies' puppies have been adopted throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.  They lead fun and active lives with their new owners as pets and companions going fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, playing in the park,  jogging, and more.  Many have additional jobs such as agility, flyball, disc dog, dock diving, medical alert, therapy, and light herding (sheep, cattle, and sometimes a toddler or two).  

Come in and look around.  We have pictures of puppies from previous litters and also pictures their new owners have sent us.

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