When puppies are 5 to 6 weeks old, they are old enough for play time in our big, grassy play yard.  It has grass to roll in, sand to play and dig in, things to climb on, and two play houses to play in and sometimes catch a nap.   When the weather is good, puppies spend a lot of time in their yard. 

Click on the following video links for a videos of puppies in the play yard; they are having the times of their lives. 

​Video:  Shea, Shebang, and Shane loving playing in the grass             Video: Roki playing with his toy 

Video: Zeus with his friends playing.   

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Where our adult dogs live and play


​Border Collies​​

All our adult dogs are kept in several large grassy yards with 8'x8'x8' sheds for shelter.  Each of the sheds have cubbies where the dogs can curl up in a smaller space if they want to do that.  Outside of the yards is a large, grassy play area where we can play with our dogs throwing balls or frisbees or they can just run around.

Where Our Puppies Grow Up


When puppies are between 3 and 4 weeks old and starting to move around more, mama and pups are given a larger area.  There is more room to move around and play but still small enough that they can find mama to get their nourishment.  This area has a doggie door to the outside where mama can go outside when she pleases.  At first, puppies are too small to use the doggie door.  As they get older, mama teaches the puppies how to use the doggie door and to go outside to potty.  The outside area has a shelter, a place to play, and a sandy area to potty.  The is the puppy's home until he/she is old enough to go to their forever home.

We strive every day to make NSR Border Collies the best place we can for our dogs and puppies.  We would like you to see where our dogs live and where our puppies grow up.  Please join us on a virtual tour.   

NSR Border Collies
Wichita, Kansas
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