CATO.    Blue boy - $675.      Born Oct 15.     AKC registered.   Ready to go to a new home any time after December 10.

Cato is a gorgeous light blue boy. When we go outside he loves to roll around in the grass and puts his nose to the ground to smell what he can find.  He is a chill, easygoing boy. 
  VIDEO: Cato exploring.                VIDEO: Tobias & Cato "It's Mine"              VIDEO:  Tobias & Cato playing tug 

 IAN.  Blue boy - $675         Born Oct 15.     AKC registered.   

Ian is a bouncy, curious boy. He loves people and loves to play.  He especially likes to play tug with his toys with either his brothers and sisters or anyone who will grab the other end. He is outgoing and likes to check things out.

He will be ready to go to a new home any time after December 10.

BRONTE.   Lilac boy  -  $750.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new home anytime after Dec. 10

Bronte is a bouncy lilac boy. He likes to run around in the grass sniffing out leaves and other things to carry around. He loves people and to be petted.

Click on a picture to see a larger image.

 SMOKIE.   Blue silver boy - $750 each    Parents:  Mayleah & Smoke   Ready to go to a new home December 24.​ 

​Please go to the Dogs For Sale page for more pictures and information on Ginger.   Shaded sable.  6 years - $350

TARA.   Lilac girl  -  $750.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new home anytime after Dec. 10

Tara is an outgoing girl that seems to love life. She bounces around in the grass looking for adventure. She puts her nose to the ground and smells out things to chew on or carry around.  Then she rolls around just generally enjoying herself. 
VIDEO:  Tara and Kirk playing with toys               VIDEO:  Tara lovin' life with her toys

HAVASU.   Merle boy - $850.   Born Oct 30.  Parents: Vapor & Marco  AKC registered.   

Ready to go to a new home December 24.   Havasu is a curious, playful puppy.  He will be on the smaller size when grown and weigh about 30 to 35 pounds. 

Nightshades Border Collies

DARYL.     Chocolate boy.       $650.     Born Sept 15.     AKC registered.   About 30 pounds when grown.   Ready to go for Christmas

Daryl is a lively, bouncy boy that loves life. He likes to be with people and to play with them.  He likes to chase tug toys, play ball, and more.   He can be chill sometimes and sit beside you.  Other times he is ready to go on an adventure with you or play.   
VIDEO: DARYL playing with his toys 

Puppy Information

We take special care of our puppies. They are handled and played with from the day they are born. Nightshades puppies are family raised and kept inside until they are old enough to venture outside. The puppies are great for our grandchildren and our grandchildren are great for the puppies. Our grandchildren have learned to be kind and gentle to puppies and other animals, and the puppies grow up being loved and played with by both children and adults.  Our goal is for the puppies to be happy, well-socialized, and healthy. Nightshades Border Collies specializes in intelligent, eager to please, and loving border collies.  

For those who are looking for more than a family companion, we have puppies that are suited for a variety of purposes.  Pedigrees include conformation show champions, obedience champions, flyball champions, agility champions, and herding champions.  All our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Nightshades Ranch puppies are making names for themselves  all across the United States.  Many are competing successfully in agility, flyball, conformation, obedience, and dock diving.  Several are therapy, medical alert, and rescue dogs.  And all are super companions for their owners.

Nightshades Border Collie puppies come with a health guarantee. Puppies are on a regular de-worming and vaccination schedule.  Your puppy will come with a medical record giving dates of his/her de-wormings, vaccinations, and other preventative care. We ask that you please take your new puppy to your own veterinarian for a health examination and to continue his/her vaccinations and de-worming on a regular schedule.

Shipping is available for an additional $395 within the continental United States and Puerto Rico. We can also ship to Alaska but shipping costs will be higher for shipping into those areas.  At this time for those in Canada wanting puppies, we can ship to a city in the United States close to the border.  We will provide the documents necessary to take your puppy through customs from the U.S. into Canada.   Puppies are usually shipped with Pet Safe on either United Airlines or American Airlines. They have always been very good about taking the utmost care of our puppies so they arrive safe and sound. Occasionally, we are able to ground ship puppies to provide a more personal touch. We like to meet the new owners and transfer the puppy directly to your loving hands when we can.  All costs for shipping must be paid before the puppy is shipped.

We ask for a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy until it is ready to be shipped or picked up. If a puppy has been paid for in full and the buyer is unable to take the puppy, we will re-sell the puppy for them. Once the puppy is re-sold, we will refund the buyer that purchase price minus the $200 non-refundable deposit and any expenses incurred, if any. If shipping costs have been paid, those will be refunded in total minus any expenses incurred.

Puppy Pack

Nightshades Ranch puppies each come with their own personal puppy pack. This includes

- Medical Record. This includes the parasite prevention program with dates the puppy was given treatment and the type used and his/her vaccination schedule. All puppies are vaccinated against the parvo virus at 4  to 5 weeks of age. Two weeks later, puppies receive a DA2PPv puppy vaccination to help prevent distemper, adenovirus type 2, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvo virus and those dates are provided on the medical record.

- Registration papers and information.

- A bag of puppy food. If you are feeding a different food, mix this food with your new puppy's new food.

- A toy

                                                                                       Nightshades Border Collies

                                                                                                 Dennis & Merry Lou Gumm
                                                                                                          1482 51st Road
                                                                                                      Douglass, KS  67039

 TOCCOA & NILE.    Black & white boys.   $650 each.   Parents: Vapor & Marco    AKC.   Ready to go to a new home December 24.

Toccoa and Nile are both outgoing puppies that like to explore.  They were sniffing the ground finding things to chew on and carry around.  Both are traditionally marked with Tocca having a wide blaze and a full collar and Nile e was having a super time sniffing in the grass when I put him out for pictures.    

THORPE.   Blue boy  -  $675.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new home anytime after Dec. 10

Thorpe loves life. He is an outgoing blue boy that likes to explore. He likes to find things and bring back to you. He loves to cuddle and sit in someone's lap.     VIDEO: Thorpe playing in the warm sun.


Amy has new puppies that will be ready for Christmas.  

For information about puppies or dogs Amy has for sale, text Amy at 316-214-2437



ALLY & ELIZA.    Blue girls - $750 each.    Parents:  Mayleah & Smoke      Ready to go to a new home December 24.

The first 3 pictures are Ally; the second 3 are Eliza.  Both are outgoing girls that quickly explore new places.  They like to play a good game of tug with each other and with someone who wants to pick up the other end of about anything.

Our daughters also raise border collies.  Their contact information is listed under their kennel names.

ROYCE.   Blue boy  -  $675.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new any time after Dec. 10

Royce is an outgoing puppy with a twinkle in his eye.  As you can see in the pictures, he has his nose to the ground looking for what might be in the grass.  He follows us around jumping on anything that moves or that he smells. He will make a great buddy for someone.

We can hold a puppy for you for  a non-refundable deposit of $200 until he/she is ready to go to their new home.  

All  our puppies are on a regular parasite prevention schedule and are up to date on their puppy shots. Each comes with a medical record, registrations papers and lots of pampering. All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. Some of our puppies are also eligible to be registered with the ABCA. We look forward to working with you to help you pick out the right puppy for you.

KIRK.  Silvery blue boy  -  $675.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new home any time December 10.

He is a gorgeous blue with silver shading.  He is super sweet with a twinkle in his eye that says "lets go play". 

VIDEO: Kirk and his tug toy                   VIDEO:  Tara and Kirk playing with toys

TOBIAS.   Lilac boy -  $750.      Born October 15.    AKC registered.    Ready to go to a new home any time after December 10.

Tobias is a gorgeous lilac boy. He likes to cuddle and play tug. Tobias will be ready to go to his forever home anytime after December 10.  He is an outgoing puppy with a special zest for life. He will put his nose in the air to take in all the smells and then put his nose to the ground to explore.    VIDEO:  Tobias & Cato "It's Mine"     VIDEO: Tobias playing tug and chase           VIDEO:  Tobias & Cato tug

DANTE.   Merle  boy -  $750.      AKC registered.  Born July 28, 2017.

Dante is a gorgeous merle boy. He loves people and to be with them.  He is outgoing and likes to explore and find new things. He likes toys and likes to chase balls and other things that move. 

CROCKETT.    Blue silver boy - $750 each    Parents:  Mayleah & Smoke   Ready to go to a new home December 24.​ 


Laurie has new puppies that will be ready for Christmas.

For information and pictures, click on the link to her website below or text her at 316-775-8845.


Laurie has new puppies.  Contact her at 316-775-8845 for information.